Watching Bishop Oyedepo’s documentary on how he started ministry gave me goosebumpsThe Man and The Mandate 🔥The prayersThe Bible studiesThe going on mountain to pray for 3 daysLike….Kai It was as if I didn’t do anything at that age 😔🥺There and then I started asking DADDY to use meI was tired of doing things on… Continue reading USED OF THE LORD

No Thursday Trivia

There is no Thursday Trivia today 😒I just realized some schools need deliverance 🙄I’m thinking of gathering MOGs and WOGsBrethren, just imagineWhat my ears won’t hear in my country 🚶 I met some children playing outside their home yesterdayI was concernedSchools have resumed and they were at home 😯Infact, I thought they were strong or… Continue reading No Thursday Trivia


In every circumstance, we say the right words 😁We speak lifeWe thank God We are BelieversWe are the new normal 😊 #Jemima